Water Butts

Water Butts

Garden Water Butts

To keeping your garden looking great thought out the summer it will need plenty of water. During hot periods you might find yourself watering your garden every night and even in the early mornings.

The water from your kitchen tap can be too hard for some plants; the best water to use in your garden is rainwater. It's fresh and its free; those on a water meter will certainly benefit from a water butt. You can collect water from any pitched roof if you fix a guttering system to it.  This could be your house roof, your garage roof or even your garden shed roof.

Water butts don’t have to be round; we have a selection of specially designed slim line water butts which can sit along side garages, shed or fences.

Strong Water Butts

Other cheaper water butts are thin and are more likley to spilt in the winter should the water freeze. Other water butts are around 2mm thick this means in strong winds these could fall over and spilt.

The water butts featured on this site are designed to cope in all weather the UK has to offer. The water butt walls are around 5-6mm thick and have been tested full of water in the winter and all withstood the harsh winter weather.

Other water butts vs Ecosure Water Butts


Standard Water Butts

Ecosure Water Butts

Wall thickness




Round; hard to place in garden, always that bit left at the back.

Rectangular and Thin, ideal for all gardens, no wasted space.


Dark green.

Many colours and effects.


Thin hole with plastic tap.

1" bsp brass outlet, using brass garden tap.


Most are around 220 - 300 litres.

Ecosure water butts start from 280 up to 1050 Litres.


Water Butts

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